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What You Should Know About Our Men’s Rehab Program

man talking to group of men in a men's rehab program in massachusetts

Men are more likely to suffer from substance abuse than women. Unfortunately, cultural conditioning, stigmas, and access to care make it difficult for many men to seek treatment. A men’s addiction treatment program is a safe, inclusive approach to men’s rehab. Luckily, men’s rehab programs across the United States, including New Hampshire, are ready to help men thrive together.

If you or a man in your life is struggling with addiction, know you are not alone. The team at A Better State is here to help with comprehensive, flexible men’s rehab programs in New Hampshire. Based in Hudson, New Hampshire, our holistic programs serve men across New Hampshire. Call us at 781.412.1488 to learn more about our men’s addiction treatment program.

What to Know About Men’s Rehab

Today, many men find increased comfort and success in single-gender rehab programs. They can feel safer and help clients overcome social pressures that lead to addiction. For many men, rehab with other men can be an intimate experience that improves their relationships with other men and women. Unfortunately, today men are often conditioned to hide feelings, emotions, and vulnerability. This conditioning can increase the risk of substance abuse and addiction. Cultural norms lead many men to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol because they fear failure, live with unprocessed trauma, or have undiagnosed mood disorders. At least half of men and women struggling with addiction suffer from co-occurring disorders, trauma, and prolonged stress from work or school.

A men’s program can help men connect with other men, mirror good behavior, and shift a client’s perspective. Many people with addiction feel like they are the only ones suffering from drug or alcohol abuse. A men’s program can show men that their addiction, triggers, and life history may not be too different from someone else’s.

What Happens in a Men’s Treatment Program?

In a men’s addiction treatment program, clients immediately begin addiction therapy. Through group, individual, and family therapy, clients uncover addiction triggers, improve communication, and make amends with loved ones. They also undergo a dual diagnosis for co-occurring mood disorders like PTSD, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. This treatment can help tailor treatment plans to their mental health needs. For many men, mood disorders can lead to self-medicating and addiction. Unfortunately, mental health is often inaccessible or stigmatized for men to seek help. Often, treating a mood disorder reduces addiction triggers, cravings, and the risk of relapse. It can also improve stress tolerance and overall well-being to help men thrive.

Through group therapy, men connect with other men. They learn their addiction story is like that of other men. They learn to open up, share their story, and support each other without competing, which can be a fresh experience for many men. Those entering 12-step and alumni programs will have the opportunity to help other men in early recovery through sponsorship.

Find a Men’s Rehab Program in New Hampshire Today

Men’s addiction treatment can have lasting effects beyond the sobriety. Many men learn to connect with others, share their experiences, and heal in ways they never expected. Call the team at A Better State today if you or a man you love is ready to take steps towards sobriety. Our holistic men’s rehab programs provide flexible, comprehensive care that fits our clients’ schedules. Our team offers a dual diagnosis for mental health and substance use disorders with various therapies. Whether you are looking for daytime or evening addiction support, our IOP and PHP programs can help.

Call us at 781.412.1488 to learn more about the team at A Better State and enroll in our men’s rehab program in New Hampshire today.