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How Does an IOP Work?

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Understanding addiction recovery programs can be overwhelming. Acronyms like IOP and PHP can be confusing until you know how these and other outpatient programs work. Intensive outpatient programs, also known as IOP, are one of the most common outpatient approaches to addiction recovery. You are probably wondering how does an IOP work? Understanding how an intensive outpatient program works can help you and your loved ones make the right decision for your lifestyle, health, and budget.

A Better State provides clients across New Hampshire with flexible, intensive outpatient programs, including daytime or nighttime care. Our Hudson, New Hampshire clinic provides trauma-informed, holistic treatment for substance abuse and mental health conditions. Call us at 781.412.1488 to learn more about our intensive outpatient programs and to find the right program for you.

What Is an Outpatient Treatment Program for Addiction Recovery?

While most people are familiar with residential or inpatient programs where people stay at a rehab clinic for 30 to 90 days, outpatient programs provide clients with treatment during the day, leaving clients to return home at night. Alternatively, some provide evening services, allowing clients to work or attend school during the day and sleep at home. Outpatient programs offer flexible care with:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Medication management
  • Family therapy
  • Job training
  • Life skills
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Medically assisted detox
  • Step-down programs
  • Alternative therapies
  • Flexible care

Because clients sleep and eat at home, outpatient rehab can be more affordable than residential treatment. They also provide step-down care for clients transitioning from inpatient treatment to home life.

How Does an Intensive Outpatient Program Work?

So, how does an IOP work? Intensive outpatient programs provide mid-level care and flexibility, meaning that clients spend several days a week at the clinic for anywhere from two to five hours. IOPs are the most flexible outpatient treatment programs, allowing clients to step down gradually as they increase their independence.

Clients visit the clinic daily for individual and group therapy during IOP care. Sometimes, this visit may include life or job skills training, art or meditation therapy, and 12-step meetings. Combining treatments can help integrate change, improve communication and solidarity, and reduce the risk of reuse. This program will provide mental health support, stress reduction tools, and medication management for those with dual diagnosis treatment.

An IOP requires fewer hours each week than partial hospitalization, allowing clients the flexibility to get back to their lives without compromising the support they need for successful long-term recovery. The duration of intensive outpatient treatment varies from person to person. Depending on a client’s recovery needs, lifestyle, mental health, and home life, it can last one or several months.

Begin Holistic Outpatient Care with Daytime or Evening IOPs in New Hampshire

Choosing an IOP can be scary. If you are transitioning from residential treatment, our PHP program can prepare you for daytime or evening IOP at our holistic clinic. Or, if you think you or your loved one are ready for an IOP in Hudson, the team at A Better State can help you thrive.

Our trauma-informed, holistic approach provides clients across New Hampshire with the support they need when struggling with substance abuse and mental health. At A Better State, we look at clients as a whole, meaning we understand how past trauma, life experience, and mental health affect addiction and substance abuse. At A Better State, you and your loved ones don’t need to sacrifice care for flexibility.

Call A Better State Today to Find the Intensive Outpatient Program for You

Ready to learn more about the benefits of holistic outpatient care at A Better State? Are you still unsure how an IOP works? Call us now at 781.412.1488 to find out which IOP is right for you and get started today.