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5 Ways Meditation Can Help with Your Mental Health

woman in her bedroom practicing meditation and mental health practices

Meditation and mental health can go hand in hand. It’s an ancient practice of non-judgemental self-compassion and awareness. Meditation has been one of humanity’s oldest practices for better mental, physical, and spiritual health. While there are many different traditions and practices, all meditation can help someone improve mental health, reduce the risk of addiction, and promote overall wellness daily.

Meditation therapy can help clients develop a structured practice for daily life. If you or someone you love is struggling, A Better State can help. Our Hudson, New Hampshire clinic provides the community with holistic, co-occurring disorders treatments for addiction and mental health. Reach our staff now at 781.412.1488 to learn more about meditation therapy.

What Is Meditation Therapy?

Meditation practices differ based on traditions. Generally, a person assuming the meditative posture and focusing on their breath begins the practice. Different traditions place different emphases on which aspects of the breath to focus on for purposes of mindfulness. In some cases, attention is placed on simply observing the breath as it is naturally occurring. Other times, the focus can be on counting each breath or following the path of the breath as it moves through the body.

The Goals of Mindfulness Meditation

The goal of mindfulness meditation is to bring one’s attention to the present moment without judgment. While some follow religious traditions, many meditations require minimal training and an interest in self-improvement. All forms of meditation bring awareness to the present moment, reduce stress, regulate a person’s breathing, and reduce drug cravings. Common meditation practices often include:

  • Mindfulness Meditation – Returning to the present moment, whether someone is eating, walking, or sitting, mindfulness meditation focuses on the present. Mindfulness practices can happen at any time to reduce stress and increase positive hormones.
  • Breathing Meditation – There are several types of breathing meditations that use controlled breathing to regulate the nervous system. Some meditation practices can be done with a single breath. This meditation is easy and accessible to start anytime.
  • Movement Meditation – Walking meditations, yoga, and tai chi are ancient forms of moment meditations that help connect the mind and body to slow the brain and regulate the nervous system.

Whether someone engages in sitting meditation, guided meditation, or movement meditations, they learn to slow down and follow their breath for overall mental health.

Benefits of Meditation for Mental Health

Meditation techniques often focus on breathing, non-judgemental attention to presence and awareness, and letting feelings and emotions flow through the body. It is a gentle, medication-free approach to supporting physical and mental health. Five benefits of meditation for mental health include:

  1. Studies show a meditative state changes brain chemistry to release positive chemicals and reduce compulsive behaviors like substance abuse.
  2. Regulating breath through meditation also slows a person’s pulse to calm the nervous system and prevent heart problems.
  3. Meditation practices are adaptable and customizable ways to improve overall health.
  4. A daily meditation practice can happen anywhere and at no cost.
  5. Meditation can increase personal awareness and stress tolerance.

When the nervous system is in a state of hyperarousal, a person experiences heightened anxiety, emotional rumination, and cravings. Meditation can slow them down and help them make conscious choices for better mental health. One of the best parts of meditation therapy is that it doesn’t require special equipment or medications. Some meditations can happen in just a minute.

Start Meditation and Mental Health Treatment at A Better State

Beginning a meditation practice can be daunting. Our team can help. If you’re ready to learn how meditation practices can help you or your loved ones improve mental health and overall wellness, A Better State’s holistic, trauma-informed clinic can support you. Alongside meditation therapy, our outpatient recovery programs include:

  • Anxiety treatment
  • Depression treatment
  • PTSD treatment
  • Trauma therapy
  • Benzo treatment
  • Prescription drug treatment
  • Cocaine treatment
  • Meth treatment
  • Art therapy
  • Opioid and opiate treatment

Our Hudson, New Hampshire clinic provides alternative and evidence-based therapies in a group, individual, and family settings to help you and your loved ones recover together. Learn more about meditation and mental health benefits from participating in meditation. Call us today at 781.412.1488.