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5 Benefits of Yoga Therapy

benefits of yoga therapy

A heightened focus on health and wellness has permeated American society in the 21st century. Yoga, specifically, has grown in popularity thanks to its calming attributes. However, the benefits of yoga therapy extend far beyond flexibility and regulating one’s breathing. Yoga therapy and addiction treatment can help you with your physical and mental health as you recover from substance abuse. Learn about how a Yoga Therapy Program can benefit you by reaching out to A Better State online, or you call us at 781.412.1488 today.

Yoga Therapy and Addiction Recovery

Many drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs now offer yoga therapy because yoga therapy has many benefits. Not only is yoga a great way to exercise the body, but yoga therapy can be one way to promote mindfulness, foster meditation, and calm the mind. Additionally, yoga therapy and addiction treatment can be a great way for patients to learn essential coping skills as they progress in their recovery.

5 Benefits of Yoga Therapy

Developing a yoga practice instills in patients who walk the path toward a lifetime recovery a new, healthier way to live. Yoga therapy and addiction recovery together help teach patients how to cope without the drugs and alcohol they once relied upon to make it through the day. Instead, they will come to see and use their yoga mat as a coping mechanism to heal, connect with themselves and their surroundings, and escape healthily. Whereas harmful and illicit substances once provided a numbing escape from the trauma, pain, and stress of daily life, the benefits of yoga therapy show patients another way to focus, find peace and move forward in life without the risk of overdose. Here are 5 of the benefits of yoga therapy.

Cultivating Mindfulness

Sitting still for meditation is not easy for a lot of people, addicts especially. Instead, a common suggestion when learning to cultivate mindfulness is to try yoga. Yoga provides a gentle introduction to cultivating mindfulness, which is all about living in the present moment and accepting the moment as it is. Practicing yoga requires that you live in the moment as you move through the poses, and it gently guides you into practicing mindfulness without even realizing it.

Connecting with Yourself

As you used and abused drugs and alcohol, you may have become disconnected from yourself, your passions, and the person you truly are. Additionally, there could be a disconnect between what your mind wants to achieve and what your body is craving more of. On the other hand, Yoga creates a quiet, peaceful connection between your mind and body. You will have the opportunity to integrate your mind, body, and spirit during a yoga session. This will help you restore, or develop for the first time, a much-needed sense of inner peace as you receive treatment for and recover from an addiction.

Manage Withdrawal Symptoms

Numerous health benefits of yoga therapy can help you during the early stages of addiction recovery as you begin rehab and detox to remove all traces of the harmful substances you were using. This brings severe withdrawal symptoms that may be physically, mentally, and emotionally painful. Starting yoga therapy and addiction recovery together and early on can offer relief from the pain caused by withdrawal.

Finding Comfort in a Healthy Routine

Some people with an addiction to drugs or alcohol have said that the ritual, the routine of using, was their favorite part of the process. Whether that’s:

  • A favorite way of preparing a drink
  • Preferred bar
  • Time of day to use drugs
  • A favorite place to take drugs

The routine and ritual of consuming the substances is a big part of addiction, what makes it calming for users and what makes it stick for months and years. Routine can be a big part of recovery, thanks to yoga therapy and addiction treatment. Yoga is a healthy ritual that can replace your old bad habits. One of the benefits of yoga therapy is that it requires dedication, consistency, and practice. These are three helpful things you can work on during the early days of your recovery.

Increased Spirituality

There is a spiritual aspect to the practice and ritual of yoga that can help you search for the spirituality you seek during addiction recovery. This approach to life may help you get and stay sober and lead seamlessly into a 12-step program. Some people can find their unique path to spirituality on the yoga mat.

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