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5 Benefits of CBT

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Cognitive-behavioral therapy, also known as CBT, is behavioral talk therapy. Like other behavioral therapies, it helps clients address and changes their behaviors over time, making it a leading treatment for addiction recovery and managing the effects of mental health conditions. CBT is a highly individualized and adaptable approach to treatment no matter where someone is in recovery, making the benefits of CBT and other behavioral therapies endless.

If you and your loved ones are struggling, our team can help. Our cognitive-behavioral treatment programs provide flexible, trauma-informed outpatient care. A Better State is here for you with a range of holistic daytime and evening programs. Call us now at 781.412.1488 to learn more about our dual diagnosis treatment programs and begin the road to recovery today.

What Is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

Most clients meet with their CBT therapists for 60 to 90 minutes per session. During this time, therapists work with client’s fears, behaviors, thought patterns, and belief systems to help them make gradual, lasting life changes. They will assign homework and often group therapy sessions or family therapy to continue practicing tools from therapy with others.

Cognitive-behavioral therapists provide clients with tools and resources to help them in daily life, especially during addiction recovery. They help clients understand why they make certain choices and how to empower themselves to make better choices for overall health and happiness. As an evidence-based therapy, CBT practices, tools, and research are continuously evaluated and adapted as studies develop and change across the field. This makes cognitive-behavioral therapy highly individualized and adaptable for people at any stage of life.

Five Benefits of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Because CBT is highly individualized, the benefits are endless. There are five benefits of CBT for addiction recovery and mental health.

1. Support for Co-Occurring Disorders

Studies show that at least half of people struggling with substance use disorders also struggle with mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help someone and their loved ones navigate addiction recovery and mental health together for holistic healing.

2. Support for Trauma Recovery

Trauma affects people from all walks of life every day. CBT can help clients understand trauma and triggers and find tools to process trauma for a better quality of life.

3. Better Self-Understanding

CBT can help people get to the bottom of who they are and why they behave the way they do. These realizations can be deeply healing.

4. Excellent Long-Term Care

CBT can provide regular, long-term support for mental health and addiction through life’s ups and downs.

5. CBT Works in Family and Group Settings

Many clients find group CBT successful in improving communication and relationship dynamics and easing social anxiety. CBT can help loved ones reconnect, build a safer home, and cope with mental health and addiction recovery in family sessions.

These are only a few benefits of CBT. Most importantly, CBT is one of the most popular therapy for addiction recovery and mental health because it works.

Begin Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in New Hampshire Today

If you and your loved ones are ready to learn more about the benefits of CBT for addiction recovery and mood disorders, our team can help. Our PHP and IOP programs provide daytime and evening sessions to fit our schedule. Our holistic therapy programs include:

  • ​​Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Yoga therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Mindfulness meditation therapy

Our trauma-informed, holistic clinic helps clients across New Hampshire struggling with substance abuse and mental health at a pace that meets their busy lives. Call us now at 781.412.1488 to learn more about the benefits of CBT and outpatient programs at A Better State.

Learn More About Benefits of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy at A Better State

There are many benefits of cognitive-behavioral therapy. CBT is an effective treatment for many mental health conditions. It is also an effective treatment for anxiety disorders, eating disorders, substance use, and personality disorders. At A Better State, we offer many treatment and therapy options to help our patients. Our team is here to help you or your loved one get the support and treatment you need and deserve. Call us today at 781.412.1488 to learn more about CBT.