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4 Signs You Have Anxiety

woman showing the signs of anxiety

Anxiety is a common problem that affects millions of people. It does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, socioeconomic status, or anything else. Many people find that they suffer from anxiety so severe that it disrupts their lives. If you or someone you love struggles with an anxiety disorder, an anxiety treatment program can help.

At A Better State, we are experts in diagnosing and treating anxiety alongside numerous other disorders. If you’re feeling anxious and unsure where to turn, we can help. Contact us at 781.412.1488.

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a condition where your body is on high alert. The main symptom of anxiety is physical tension in the body, but it can also cause you to experience stress. Anxiety is a physiological state of fear, nervousness, and apprehension. It can be a problem for anyone. Chronic anxiety can be crippling, debilitating, and even life-threatening.

There are several different types of anxiety, and other styles can present with vastly different symptoms. As a result, anxiety may affect people at different times in their lives. The good news is that there are several ways to treat it, including medications and therapy. There are also many things you can do on your own to decrease it, such as meditating, going out for exercise, or doing something relaxing.

4 Signs of Anxiety

The following are four common signs of anxiety :

  1. Persistent, distracting worry about future events: Does that worry disrupt your life or decrease the quality of living? If you are constantly worried about possible future events, or you continually ask yourself, “what if?” you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.
  2. Feeling depressed, sad, irritable, upset, tense, nervous, or anxious: These feelings can be debilitating. You may think they are impossible to eradicate since they often lack an apparent reason. That feeling is also a result of anxiety.
  3. Insomnia: Having trouble sleeping or staying awake at night can signify that you suffer from an anxiety disorder even if you feel tired.
  4. Agitating and Perseverating: Waking up stressed or feeling that you’re already behind regularly is a common trait of anxiety disorders. Feeling restless or itching to do something (especially in the morning) can indicate chronic anxiety. Fixating on something that you know you should do but feel unequipped to do the thing can also be a debilitating function of anxiety.

These signs of an anxiety disorder may not appear all at once or in every person. However, seeing any of them persist suggests the need for support and treatment.

What To Do About Anxiety

Those that have feelings of anxious thoughts are experiencing the physical sensations of the anxious feelings in their bodies.

People who feel overwhelmed by the world at large could be suffering from severe anxiety. Unfortunately, many people do not realize how common severe anxiety is. Many people do suffer from extreme anxiety without even realizing it.

People with anxiety disorders may feel that their symptoms interfere with or prevent them from meeting vital social, work, school, or other life goals. If anxiety is causing you problems at work or school, discuss with your doctor to see if there is a root cause or underlying issue that should be addressed first before addressing your symptoms alone. Many treatment options are available for those suffering from anxiety disorders. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is frequently used, but there are also tactile therapies such as equine, dance or forest bathing, medications, osteopathy, yoga, and meditation.

Contact A Better State for Anxiety Support Today

You can trust our team of experienced professionals to offer the support and guidance necessary to recover from chronic anxiety and reclaim your life. We provide a variety of resources and social support services in addition to individualized anxiety treatment programs. Our treatment approach can help you reclaim your life and heal from the pain of anxiety. Contact us today at 781.412.1488.