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Do I Have a Drinking Problem?

a person sits in the dark leaning on a table with two alcohol beverages in front of them while wondering if they might have a drinking problem

Alcohol is a significant part of American social life and a common self-soother for those dealing with stress, life changes, or mental health concerns. Unfortunately, alcohol is also highly addictive. It can be challenging to know when social drinking becomes a drinking problem. Knowing the signs to look for can help you or someone you love know when it’s time to reach out to an alcohol addiction treatment program for help.

If you or someone you love shows signs of a drinking problem, know you are not alone. A Better State is here to help. Our outpatient programs focus on trauma-informed treatment for substance use and mental health. You can feel better without compromising your schedule with a range of daytime and evening treatment options. Call us now at 781.412.1488 to get started today.

What Is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol use and addiction are increasingly common. Unfortunately, because alcohol is so accessible and legal, many think it’s more benign than other illicit drugs. This isn’t true. Casual or social drinking can quickly turn into chronic drinking.

Habitual drinking can become an addiction when the brain relies on alcohol for certain chemical processes. Like other addictive substances, alcohol changes a person’s brain chemistry leading to withdrawal and potentially dangerous side effects. When the body craves alcohol and alcohol interferes with daily life, it’s time for help.

Signs of a Drinking Problem

When drinking is no longer about a social event, or someone craves alcohol, those are signs they are struggling with a drinking problem. These signs can develop quickly or slowly depending on a person’s physical and mental health.

Other common signs of a drinking issue can include:

  • Secretive drinking
  • Drinking during the day
  • Drinking at work or school
  • Thinking about alcohol all the time
  • Worrying about your next drink
  • Changes in sleep
  • Changes in personal hygiene
  • Lack of interest in usual activities
  • Aggression
  • Mood swings
  • Increased depression

Alcohol can slow the brain and body making it hard to think clearly, move safely, and breathe normally. It also increases the effects and severity of mental health conditions like depression. Today at least half of people with addiction struggle with co-occurring mental health conditions. Clients are less likely to relapse, seek other drug use, or quit a recovery program when treated together.

Do I Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

If any of the behavior listed above sounds familiar, you might have a drinking problem. Unfortunately, quitting alcohol cold turkey can be difficult and dangerous. Because alcohol is so present daily, resisting withdrawal effects and cravings can be impossible without treatment. Alcohol addiction treatment pairs a range of evidence-based and alternative therapies with medical support to help ease withdrawal and jumpstart recovery.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in New Hampshire

If you or someone you love is ready to learn more about the signs of drinking problems and alcohol addiction, we’re here to help. At A Better State, we believe in a different kind of addiction treatment. Our program helps clients uncover the root causes of drinking problems and addiction for holistic healing that work. With a focus on depression, anxiety, and PTSD, our dual diagnosis clinic treats mental health and addiction at the same time.

With a range of therapies and accessible hours, our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs are ready to help you thrive. Whether you’re looking for daytime or evening alcohol addiction treatment, we have the program for you.

Call A Better State to Learn More About the Signs of Having Problems with Drinking

Drinking problems are treatable. We’re available for a free, confidential consultation regarding the signs of drinking problems or any other questions. Our treatment team is here to help with your journey toward long-term sobriety and wellness. Remember, you don’t have to struggle alone with alcohol addiction. A Better State is here to help. Contact us now at 781.412.1488 to get started with an alcohol addiction treatment program to help with your recovery.