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4 Myths About Addiction

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Today, people across the United States and here in New Hampshire struggle daily with addiction. Unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions about addiction. By understanding substance abuse treatment, people are more likely to seek help when they need it. This is why it’s essential to identify the myths about addiction to understand the reality of this chronic and complex disease.

The team at A Better State is New Hampshire’s trauma-informed substance use treatment leader. Our flexible outpatient programs help clients work through substance use and addiction myths. Call us now at 781.412.1488 to learn more about dual diagnosis treatment for addiction, substance use, and mental health in New Hampshire.

Myths About Substance Abuse and Addiction

Addiction is largely misunderstood. Many people believe that someone “chooses” to use drugs or alcohol and, therefore, can stop using. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Addiction is a disease that is often connected to unprocessed trauma and mental health conditions. At least half of the people with addiction struggle with mental health conditions like:

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Many people self-medicate and self-soothe with drugs and alcohol. For those with mood imbalances and unprocessed trauma, drugs and alcohol can be more addictive.

Another common myth of substance use is that once someone is addicted to drugs and alcohol, they struggle to maintain everyday life. While some do, many people who regularly use drugs and alcohol live relatively normal lives. They maintain jobs, care for families, and invest in schoolwork. Family pressure, job stress, and school can lead to substance use to get ahead, stay on task, and soothe physical, emotional, and psychological pain.

Many people believe they would know if their loved one has an addiction. This also is not the case. Hiding substance use is common and often a priority for those with healthy home lives.

4 Myths About Addiction Treatment

Many myths about treating substance use prevent people from seeking the support they need. The most common myths include the following:

  1. There is a one-size-fits-all treatment – No two treatment journeys are the same because everyone’s experience of addiction is unique.
  2. Once treatment is complete, the recovery journey is finished – Unfortunately, sobriety and recovery are lifelong and filled with ups and downs.
  3. Relapse is a sign of failure – This may be the most complex myth for people to acknowledge. Relapse is common. Recovery is not a linear path. Just because someone relapses does not mean they can’t return to a sober life. Relapse can signify more profound psychological trauma, stress, and mental health imbalances someone needs to address.
  4. Someone must hit rock bottom to recover truly – Recovery comes in many shapes and sizes. Hitting rock bottom is unnecessary for someone to get the support they need for mental health, unprocessed trauma, and substance use.

These myths, alongside the idea that someone should keep their addiction a secret, prevent many people from addiction recovery. Like any other disease, there is no single recovery plan to help everyone. Myths, misconceptions, shame, and stigmas prevent countless people from asking for help, supporting loved ones, and healing.

Overcome the Myths of Addiction Treatment Today

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance use, know you are not alone. The team at A Better State is here to help you recover. With a range of evidence-based and alternative therapies, like yoga and ​​cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), we specialize in treatment for PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Our dual diagnosis outpatient clinic has daytime and evening programs to help you and your loved ones recover from substance use. At a Better State, we believe in a different type of substance use treatment. By uncovering the root cause of addiction, our team can help you truly recover.

Learn More About Substance Abuse Treatment

Contact our team today if you’d like to learn more about substance use treatment at A Better State. Our mission is to support individuals and families with substance use so they can overcome addiction and find proper recovery. Let us help you start your journey today. Don’t let addiction myths keep you from treatment. Contact us today at 781.412.1488 to learn more about the myths about addiction and how our trauma-informed outpatient programs can help you thrive.